Advisory Services

A financial advisor can assist you with planning and management for both your personal and professional finances. An outside view, especially from certified public accountants, provides your business with an unbiased view to influence decisions in a beneficial way. Gerbel & Company is proud to offer business consulting and financial advisory services in St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, and other Southwest Michigan/Northern Indiana locations.


In addition to our auditing services, like financial statement review and transaction examination, we also provide many services to help you plan for the future of your business. From consulting on what is financially possible now with your current resources to business valuation when a sale or merger is on the horizon, Gerbel & Company will guide your financial decisions. You already know that your business is worthwhile endeavor; we will give it a quantitative value.

Internal Accounting Systems

The best-managed finances begin in the office. Gerbel & Company is familiar with many different accounting systems and can recommend the best one for your small business or large corporation. Depending on your type of business, there are certain technologies that can help your company run smoothly. Additionally, we provide fraud and litigation support to uncover any mismanagement of finances. When it comes to keeping your internal systems running smoothly, a financial advisor is an invaluable asset.

Business and Personal Budgeting

Many in the commercial sector, as well as the general public, need help when it comes to financial management. We assist with personal and business budgeting and excel at managing finances where the two intersect. Our accounting and auditing team is well-versed in all aspects of running a business. Commonplace tasks like balancing budgets and variable consulting services like employee compensation and benefits advising are just a few of the examples of our capabilities. At Gerbel & Company, we’ll take care of the present while planning for the future with services like estate, pension, and retirement planning.

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